Audience registration

Please fill out the form below if you are attending my show.

I really hope you are looking forward to my magic & mystery show? 
I want you all to have an immersive, interactive experience! 
You’ll need to gather a few things:

  • Some A4 paper (for each person taking part).
  • A paperback novel of your choosing.
  • Biro pens
  • A pack of playing cards

Most importantly… Bring your imagination!
If you are joining Zoom from a phone or tablet, please use a stand for your device so that you can free up your hands, to enable you take part in the magic.
Try and use a table, a desk or a surface where you can write, draw, deal and place cards.
Please arrive 15 minutes early as you would in a normal theatre. You will be placed into a waiting room. The show will start at exactly on time with a running time of approximately one hour.